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What to look for when buying from Lyngate Developments and Royal Pine Homes?

First of all let me disclose that I am a first time home buyer and I am not affiliated with any home builders or government agencies. I am just a simple guy bought a house for the first time.

Here are the officials that took part in my Home Inspection

  1. Anthony Krimmer from Tarion [Conciliation officer]
  2. Rui DaSilva from Royal Pine Homes
  3. Martha Tarjan from Royal Pine Homes [who did the original PDI with me]
  4. Tony Simonelli from Royal Pine Homes

I got my keys from my builder Royal Pine Homes on November 23, 2013. My family was really excited to see the fully completed house and happy to move in. PDI – Pre-Delivery Inspection – we “inspected” the house before builder gave the keys to us, went through a breeze, mainly because I had no clue about houses. If you asked me in the first few weeks of moving in, I would have told you I was really happy with the home builder and they are the best.

It is after we moved in we started to notice small issues. So I decided to hire a home inspector, against my family and friends advising against it [“you only need that for old house”]. I was glad I hired the inspector, as he found hoards of problems that I was told “normal” at the PDI. So my inspector filed the Tarion 30 day form, selecting the appropriate category, selecting the equipments or areas, giving proper description of the problem and what is recommended for the fixing – under my name. I did not send a copy of the form to Royal Pine Homes as only filing it at Tarion was enough. Tarion will automatically notify your builder. I would have no way close to filing this form this properly, and I can bet majority of new or even previous home owners would not be able to fill the form accurately – according to Tarion. Why I’m saying this? read on more to find out what my Tarion Inspector said.

So after a month of filing 30 day warranty form to Tarion, the serviceman from Royal Pine Homes came and he was literally saying everything was “normal”. I had to fight for each fix request. Interestingly, one of the request was “Drafty patio doors” [item #7 on the 30 day warranty form], he was asking me to prove that the wind is actually coming through the door. So we told that on that corner of the door, it is really cold and one really winter day there was really thick ice formed – specifically on that corner. He said it is normal for patio doors to have this. I am being the first time home buyer, I accepted this. So many times I accepted and signed as I was told it is “normal”. And few items he said he’ll send people to repair, and they did come and repair.

The items that were repaired are: #3, #4, #6, #10, #20, and most of the Exterior items were done later in the stage. Of course Exterior items are not required to be done in the first year, but my inspector told me, lets just put it in case they miss one or two. So basically, rest of the items were never fixed or accepted by me as “normal”. I am not overly concerned about the “normal” items, as I can live without them – of course this depend on person to person and for some it is not acceptable. So here are the items that really made me to pay $282.50 [including tax] to Tarion to come and inspect the outstanding items: #1, #12, #13, #16, #19, #23, #25, #26, #38. Why I bold the #19?; because that’s what made me to write this article.

#19 – washroom switches are outside

I sent a formal letter to Royal Pine Homes regarding the item #19, and you can read it at Royal Pine Homes need to put the washroom switches inside. They put every switch in my house in the usual places – inside the containment area – except to my two washrooms. They put the light and exhaust fan switches outside the washroom. It is OK if you are using it once in a while at somebody else place. But if you are living in the house, especially with a toddler, it is really inconvenience and safety issue. Tarion inspector basically told me he cannot do anything about it because I have not specifically requested that “light and exhaust fan switches should be put inside the washroom” in my contract I signed with my builder years ago. I asked, isn’t it common sense? Do I have to specifically start to say where to put the door knob, where to put the door stopper, window handle, and etc? Anthony said, if I have not specifically told this in the contract, he cannot force the builder to do the “common sense”.

#1 – Attic vent is blocked with a truss

Anthony said he will not climb up the attic and check that problem. I had this item as the first in the list to be inspected, and I specifically notified about Attic issue to my Warranty Service Coordinator – Ginette Bowen and yet Tarion sent me an inspector who is not equipped [had no ladder], and not capable to inspect [even if I had ladder]. He told me to buy the ladder and my builder will inspect in my 1 year warranty checkup time. Did anybody do their homework at Tarion?

He also told me the description does not specifically say what’s the defect?  He said the description did not say “the required air space should have been this and the truss blocking the attic vent is now blocking the air volume by this much. hence it is a defect”.  I bet no new home buyer would have known to write anything close like this.

mmm… Why do I get the feeling the Tarion inspector is trying to support the builder?

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