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What to look for when buying from Lyngate Developments and Royal Pine Homes?

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#12 – Floor is uneven

There was – in 2 place – the hardwood strips went in, making a valley. Tarion inspector told that it has to be more than 6 mm to be qualified for a defect.

#13 – There are gaps between heat diffusers, and the adjacent surfaces

The heat vent’s cover does not fall properly in its place.  So it would stand outside in one of the corner.
This, my Royal Pine Homes’ Rui DaSilva, fixed while my Tarion conciliation officer busy looking at other defects.

I do not know if this is even allowed. How is it fair, if let’s say, builder fix issues right at the inspection, and the home buyer end up losing his Tarion deposit?

#16 – Gaps between the hardwood strips

The Tarion inspector told me the gaps have to be more than 2 mm to be qualified for a defect.  Okey, I did not know that.  May be this will help someone else.

#23 – Inadequate heating. Air balancing required. Not equivalent supply

Our master bedroom is little colder always in the winter.  May be because, it only had one heat vent.  Heat vents are only required if there is a window or a wall facing the exterior. In my master bedroom, the walk-in closet is inside facing – meaning no exterior facing walls – hence no heat vent in it.

When I presented this issue, right away, the builder said, its “normal”.  He said, the house is getting the wind from North [even though that room is faced at North West].

We had called to do air balancing before this.  A Royal Pine Homes’ service man came and he literally told us we just have to open/close heat vents.  That’s air balancing.  When I spoke with my hired inspector, he told me there is lot more to it.  That’s why I put this in the warranty form.

#25 – Duct cleaning required

Royal Pine Homes did not do a single duct cleaning, when we got the house.  All other builders, they do this once or at least give a voucher to do duct cleaning once after moving in.  When I presented this, Royal Pine Homes said they do not do duct cleaning at all.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to clean the new construction mess in the ducts!

I could literally see construction debris in my heat vents, and I saw a regiform cup in the basement duct. I think the rules should be changed to builder should be forced to clean their mess.

#26 – Man-door damaged / dented

The entrance door from garage to house had so many dents.  Builder said, since this is never noted in PDI, they will not fix it, as it could have been caused by us.  We moved every stuff through the front door, as it had double door and it was easier.  At our PDI, like most new home buyers, we were happy just to see the house and did not pay attention to anything.

Please hire an inspector for you PDI.  Yes, it is allowed – ask Tarion.

#38 – Gas meter – Mechanical damage / settled

Our gas meter outside the house was bent.  Again, the builder said, since it is not mentioned in the PDI, it could have been damaged after we moved in and it is our responsibility to call Enbridge [our gas provider] and deal with them.  So I did.

Please hire an inspector for you PDI.  Yes, it is allowed – ask Tarion.

Worthy to note items

#7 – Drafty patio door

When I said, the air infiltrating through the patio door, the Tarion inspector ask me to show him.  So I showed the opening corner and mentioned there was big ice formed during the last winter.  He said it is normal to have some air infiltration in the patio doors.  He said it is built that way so the house does not suffocate.

#9 – Dishwasher outlet inoperative

I guess, nowadays no builder is giving the dishwasher outlet operative, unless you pay for the “upgrade”.  But what made me to include this item was there was not even a circuit breaker available ready to connect in the electrical panel in the basement.  When I called an electrician to do the “connection” for the dishwasher, he charged for a new circuit breaker switch in the panel as well.

I fixed it, as I could not wait 4 months [the actual Conciliation date] without using the dishwasher.

#36 – Mortar splatters and stains on exterior masonry

This was an interesting one.  Tarion inspector stood at the edge of my backyard to look at this.  He said, this has to be visible from 6m far from the wall.  First I thought it is 6m from where he stood to my house wall – given his experience.  Suddenly I got a hunch and I went into the house to get my father’s measuring tape.  When I measured, he was literally 1.5 times far [9m].  Even when I showed the spot, he still did not want to stand on the 6m mark.

Not reported, but the dryer exhaust outlet did not have a proper interface to hook the hot air exhaust pipe to the wall.  Even purchasing the dryer/washer installation kit was not enough.  I had to purchase another U-like part so I can hook the actual hot air exhaust pipe to the wall.  Why did I not report it?  Well, can you wait 4 months [the actual Conciliation date] without using your dryer in the winter?

What is found to be defective, then?

#37 – Poorly constructed porch canopy.  Unpainted areas visible & edges are not aligned

Out of all the defects I reported on this page and the previous page, this was the only one found to be defective. There was a streak of wood visible – unpainted.  Boy, was I lucky to get my deposit back from Tarion.

What is the verdict?

Please hire a home inspector on your PDI.  Many things will be classified as “normal” or “not reported on PDI” when you file the warranty after you moved in. In fact, I strongly recommend NOT to hire an inspector after you moved in, if you did the PDI with an inspector.

Even though I hated Tarion on the conciliation day, for new home buyer, they are the minimum guard from home builder.  Yes, Tarion has some issues like they cannot check Attic problems by themselves – even if we give colour photograph and ladder.  They cannot force the home builder to do some “common sense” items like not putting the washroom switches outside the washroom. They cannot do anything outside of their performance guideline.  That said, before paying the almost $300 deposit to Tarion in calling conciliation, I strongly urge you to look at their Construction Performance Guideline.  This may well save you the money and time.

One last item, I think we should be allowed to videotape the conciliation as to record how the Tarion inspector is performing as well as the builder.

You are doing a huge investment, so do not hesitate to firm the investment with $300 [cost of new constructed home inspection]

Disclaimer: I am not a home inspector myself [I wish], and I am not affiliated with any agency or personal.

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2 Responses to “What to look for when buying from Lyngate Developments and Royal Pine Homes?”

  1. Braminder Says:

    Here is my experience
    I was out to buy detached and stop by at Royal Homes at Brampton
    I asked for the price list from the Sales agent, picked the lot and asked for the price.
    I was given the price + premium (was bit high) so I negotiate by putting some item in my upgrade and put the offer.
    Next thing I found that the price was incorrect.

  2. நாத‌ன் Nathan Says:

    i hope you did not sign it.

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